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How to Write an Annual General Meeting Notice


What is a notice of company meeting?

Well, a notice of meeting is not like a normal business notice that informs your
customers about the date and time of the AGM. Notice of meetings is a formal
notice that announces the date, location and other details of an upcoming
business activity, trade show, conference or workshop. Businesses hold such
notices to provide their employees and other external parties enough
information to help them plan and organize activities and events. This form of
notification is also used by organizations to hire professional services for
planning and facilitating their annual general meetings.

How should you prepare a notice of meeting?

How should you prepare a notice of meeting? You need to do it in a way that it
stands out from the other notices that are published regularly. For instance,
instead of using the words “annual general meeting,” you should use
something more unique such as “invitation to conference.” Include the
name of the company that is sponsoring the event. It is always a good idea to
put the name of the committee members who are planning to appear at the AGM in
the notice.

How to get full Benefit of an Annual General Meeting?

To get the full benefit of an annual general meeting, it is important to prepare
yourself for it properly. Your preparation of the Annual General Meeting begins
with listing the names of all those who will be attending. You will also need
to indicate the date and time of the AGM. You can accomplish this through the
company newsletter or online. The next step is writing a letter to the editor
of your newspaper or community newspaper endorsing your event. After getting
the necessary approvals, you may now move on to the actual preparations for the

You can also consider the Personality of company before publishing Notice of

You also have to consider the personality of the company before publishing the
notice of meeting. 
If the company is young and dynamic, you can use an exciting

slogan in the notice. On the other hand, if the company is old and static, it
will be more appropriate to use a phrase that describes the company’s core
values. The company’s mission statement and goals will give you the idea of
what you should include in your notice.

Avoid long list use bullets and organize the list according to category.

If the company is not holding regular meetings, you should avoid using long lists
in the notice. Remember that such a list may only serve to distract people
attending the meeting. Instead, use bullet points and organize the list
according to category.

To make your notice meeting effective avoid “he/she or “us” use third person pronunciation.

To make your notice of meeting more effective, you should consider writing it in
the third person. Do not use first or second person pronouns like
“he/she” or “us.” This will make the note look less formal
and more personalized. You should also allow some room for additions in the
note such as clarifying any point that was unclear.

An annual general meeting notice should include the date, time, and location of
the meeting. It is also advisable to include a map or marker on the notice.
Your contact information should be indicated as well. Add your personal info so
that attendees can easily reach you.

Conclusion of AGM notice writing.

Finally, you should remember to emphasize the benefits of a particular activity or
project listed in your notice. Don’t leave out these details. In addition to
highlighting the benefits of the event, you should also talk about how
attendees can get involved. For example, if the annual general meeting will
involve a seminar, then you need to specify where the seminar is taking place,
when it is being held, and what will be discussed at the seminar. Doing so will
help you keep track of who has RSVP’d and how many people have confirmed their

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