Advertising Wall Clocks Key Chains

  • Give Aways

    Be in the eyes and mind of Markets

Its catchy…. Its gorgeous…. Its affordable

A gift of Key Chain or a Wall Clock is a show of your inner side to your customer market.

With newspaper advertising, printing and other in- house media segments; you are also welcome to the doorsteps of NAVCO’s give away and gift shop. We are going to give our clientele another chance to be with its clientele not for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months but of-course for years & years…. Being customers to someone needs not just a gimmick of tongue rather it demands showing of inner side. Give away obviously is a very nice medium to be in the eyes in minds of your target market. From a simple Key Ring to Desktop Watch; you can be with your customer even in his/her home and office. We say warm welcome to the cool world of NAVICO’s gift shop. Come and choice to grab the market…