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Our Seo Agency is 1 of the best SEO company in Lahore because we calculate a straight return on investment (ROI).

You can get customized SEO services in Lahore to meet your business’s needs. Before signing up, get a free analysis of your website, Strategy, forecast, and project plan. Key performance indicators, timelines, and key performance indicators are all included.


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Google’s efforts to combat fake news and its commitment to providing users with the most relevant answers to all their queries are making brand reputation a more important part of the SEO puzzle. Relevance tends to favor big-name websites, so links from authoritative sources, niche directories, and high-ranking sites are crucial to climbing the search rankings.

LOCAL SEO Company in Lahore Pakistan.


Your Website or stores can significantly increase foot traffic by improving your website search performance. Our SEO Company’s primary goal with small and large business clients is to get them on the map in order to capture high-intent customers or profiled customer who is searching for “near me” searches in Lahore or Pakistan.

First, we will focus our efforts on optimizing Google My Business and establishing consistency across all business listings relevant to your niche. Once everything is in order, we will focus our efforts on building citations as well as a review generation strategy to build credibility with customers and this will give your business a real Impression.

INTERNATIONAL SEO Services from NavicoAds.


You will need to create a strategy to connect with local audiences as your company expands into international markets. Although you may be able to translate SEO content, it is extremely difficult to understand the search intent for foreign language queries or which terms people use to find information.

NavicoAds is a multilingual and multiregional SEO strategy specialist that allows our clients to create engaging experiences no matter where they are located.


seo agency in Lahore-seo services in Pakistan

NavicoAds provides SEO consulting services in Lahore to assist clients in developing, implementing, and optimizing their SEO strategies. We will audit your internal processes and offer suggestions and support with Affordable SEO Packages in Pakistan


E-COMMERCE SEO Services in Pakistan.


Our e-commerce SEO services in Pakistan are designed to help brands reach qualified customers and increase conversions. To encourage browsing, we will address technical issues and optimize descriptions. We’ll also apply structured markup in order to better understand major search engines, build a memorable brand and create a review generation strategy that builds consumer trust in eCommerce services in Lahore.




We aimed to be ahead of the curve by using honest practices that drive traffic to websites, which results in strong ROI and conversions.





  • Keyword Analysis


  • Keyword Assignment


  • SEO Code Optimization On-Site


  • On-Site Content Optimization


  • On-site Internal Link Optimization


  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization and External Linking

 Keyword Analysis for SEO Projects.

Our process begins with an analysis of the keywords that you are most interested in and keywords that your competitors are using. The NavicoAds SEO specialists will then combine this data and use search optimization tools to generate additional keyword options. We will share the Docx file with a list of possible keyword segments.

Keyword Assignment.

We need to make informed decisions. Our SEO company will assign keywords for your pages. This is an important part of the SEO strategy in Lahore as it will serve as the roadmap for the entire campaign. Once we have established the goals for each page, it is time to begin on-site optimization. NavicoAds ensures that on-site SEO is completed quickly to achieve quick results. Great things take time similarly SEO can take time.


SEO Code Optimization On-Site

seo company in Pakistan-seo consultant in lahore

Technical SEO: Optimization of the website by Technical Audit.

Search engine optimization services with the same level of code optimization capabilities as NavicoAds are almost impossible to find. Our core specialty is optimizing websites by Doing Technical audits of websites and removing errors, so you can rest assured that your site will be in good hands. The first step in website speed optimization is to fix any Technical SEO problems like broken links, Website Responsiveness, and Desktop & Mobile speed optimization of the website. This is an important part of our process as it allows us to check that nothing is technically wrong. After that, we will optimize page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. We will also check that search engines can index your content. All links are being properly followed, and pages are not being blocked. Advanced strategies like and images, videos, sitemaps, or robots.txt are also examined. We also ensure that your website adheres to full-fill Google’s  Core Updates & Quality Guidelines.


On-Page Content Optimization.

We have made significant changes to our SEO content marketing after the Google Core Update in 2022 at NavicoAds. High-end inbound content marketing is what we offer, and it sends large amounts of traffic, social sharing, and links to our website. We are diff from other SEO companies because our content strategies are unique. Our editorial team produces the best content that will not only rank your website but organically generate sales for you. Our team includes many competent writers and a content manager who ensures that each piece of Content is of the highest quality. We also have the ability to translate your website into any language like Multilingual CMS.

The key part of this process is content optimization. It is simple, We will take the keywords assigned to a page and incorporate them into the page’s text. It will allow search engines to rank your site for these terms. We will optimize all page titles (H1s and H2s) during this phase. We also ensure that Google Core Algorithm updates are applied to certain topics. Our copy optimization formula has been proven to work.

On-Page Internal Linking.

It can be difficult to create a search engine optimization-friendly internal linking structure for large websites that have millions or millions of pages. This is especially true if your Strategy has fragmented. The NavicoAds team has worked with websites that have hundreds of millions of pages. We can help you to ensure that your internal linking structure is correct. We can also help you to create new pages and develop an internal linking strategy for smaller sites, In this way, we will cover the content gap. The internal linking process involves making sure that each link points to the page with the correct anchor text keyword. We also have a few strategies that we use in this phase, which we only share with clients. This makes us one of the most skilled best SEO companies in Pakistan for on-page SEO Services.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization and External Linking.

After ensuring that these essential items have been addressed, we can move on to advanced search engine optimization strategies. This phase will include a final analysis of your site’s technical structure and recommendations for new ways to increase search traffic. This phase also marks the beginning of important external link-building. External link-building can occur at different times. This will all depend on the link-building strategy that NavicoAds specialists create. These are proven strategies that our company has used. We were able to increase a client’s rankings by more than 400% through competitive backlink analysis. (Read SEO case studies).

If you’re struggling with the internet, you’re not alone. Many businesses and individuals are experiencing a loss of business due to poor SEO. NavicoAds Lahore has a good SEO plan for your business to get a high-quality search engine optimization campaign. A search engine optimization campaign can improve your website’s ranking in search engines like Google Search Console. Listed below are some tips to get your business noticed online.

How Much Does SEO Cost in 2022?

The question, “How much does SEO cost in Lahore?” is on the minds of small business owners everywhere. The answer depends on several factors, including the size of the business, the type of keywords targeted, and the level of competition. The good news is that many affordable Seo service providers are available to get top search engine rankings to exist. Here are a few options. You can hire the best SEO agency Services. SEO service in Lahore will cost around $500 a month. The agency will do on-page optimization, copywriting, and outreach, & other Important things.

Your business’s industry can also play a role in SEO pricing. Some industries have a higher traffic volume and require more expensive packages than others. The most expensive keywords on Google are lawyers, medical offices, finance companies, locksmiths, car mechanics, and software companies. Niche businesses can use additional, long tails keyword phrases like LSI (Latent Semantic Index) Keywords and 1 more thing that lower competition keywords can easily rank. These factors will influence the overall cost of your campaign with a professional SEO Agency in Lahore Pakistan.

Professional SEO services will use analytical skills and specialized link-building techniques to ensure your website appears on top of search engines. It will also create an efficient shopping experience for customers around the clock. NavicoAds Digital marketing company will also optimize your site for 3-pack GMB search and smartphone devices. The best SEO services in Pakistan are available in both English and Urdu, and you can use them from a desktop computer or mobile device. You can also choose between an SEO package with one or two domains and one user for a fixed price.

As the number of websites grows, the best SEO services in Lahore need to adapt and keep pace. The more concentrated the metropolises, the more competition. The result is that SEO packages in big cities and small towns will be more expensive than their smaller counterparts. However, the results will depend on how well your site has been optimized, like website speed optimization and SEO-based content. With the help of an expert, your website will rise in rank in no time, giving you more profits.

Professional SEO Services Pricing

The best SEO company in Lahore will provide you with a strategy to make your website visible to as many people as possible. The process involves several phases, including keyword research, content writing, and backend optimization. The final result should be visible on the first page of Google. NavicoAds best SEO agency can begin operations on the website to help it climb the rankings. The Average Organic SEO Services campaign can take 3 to 6 months depending on the competition of Keywords. But once it is completed, the results can be astounding.

One of the most essential elements of Best SEO services is the use of social media. The services offered by social media platforms are crucial to boosting your rankings. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have the potential to be lucrative marketing channels for your website. By sharing content that engages users, your web pages will appear higher in searches. With a team of professionals working to manage your brand, NavicoAds SEO Packages in Lahore will make your business visible. Moreover, you will receive expert advice from a NavicoAds SEO consultant about how to create engaging content and increase the traffic to your website we also have a professional team of web development services in Lahore Pakistan.

Another important part of a professional SEO agency is incorporating SEO into your website from the very start. NavicoAds SEO firm will integrate search engine optimization services into every phase of development, which will assure that your site ranks high in search engines. Affordable SEO Agency in Lahore collaborates with top technical expertise and creativity to monitor the most valuable website traffic. Best SEO Services work demands a broad range of skills including backlinks, content, link bait, and on-page / off-page optimization.

Getting a good ranking in search engines is essential if you want your website to rank highly and increase sales. You can gauge your success by looking at social media mentions of your website development. A good SEO firm will measure how many times your content is mentioned on these sites. We can also provide you with a free SEO analysis consultant in Lahore. The most important aspect of an SEO consultant is our ability to make your site visible on social media.

Our SEO Packages Take Your Keywords to the Top

When choosing an amazing SEO company in Lahore, you should ensure they have advanced tools and knowledge. Select a Sol employs high-level onsite SEO assessment instruments. Their tools help you analyze your competitors and perform keyword research. They also ensure your website is optimized for mobile and video optimization. With our help, you’ll have more traffic and more profits. Here’s a breakdown of our SEO packages for Lahore businesses.

The main goal of our SEO packages is to get your business to the top of the search engine result pages. We believe that if you don’t rank up on the first page of Google, you’re missing out on valuable traffic. That’s why it’s crucial to have a high-ranking website, as websites on the first page of search engines get up to 35% of total traffic. The rest of the website’s traffic is poor quality. Therefore, a high-ranking website will boost your authenticity and earnings.

When it comes to the best SEO Services company, it’s essential to understand that it’s not magic. While an SEO campaign can take months to complete, the process starts with keyword research, based on the top keywords in the search engine. Content writers then integrate the keywords naturally into their content. After that, the SEO agency works on the backend optimization, which runs the website up the search engine rankings.

With the help of an SEO agency in Lahore, you’ll have access to a wide range of services. Choose the right SEO packages in Pakistan that suit your needs best. Whether you’re a small business looking to increase traffic or a large enterprise looking to expand your customer base, NavicoAds offers affordable SEO packages to fit your needs. SEO Services are an integral part of online marketing, so the right SEO package should include content marketing and keyword research.

What determines SEO pricing in Lahore Pakistan?

Search engine optimization prices vary widely based on the number of pages and complexity of the project. For example, if company has a net profit of $1 million, but its competitors have a net profit of only $100k, the search engine optimization will cost the range of $5,00-20,00 thousand dollars may vary all depend on the Competition of the Niche. Larger companies will require more time, effort, and resources, and their competition will be more intense. Pricing is therefore based on profitability and time invested in creating or optimizing existing pages.

Search engine optimization also requires a thorough understanding of your niche market. By choosing the right SEO strategy in Pakistan for your business, you can ensure that you’ll rank high in search results and convert visitors into customers. Here Game is Begin when the traffic converts into leads, While the process of SEO services will be long and complex, the benefits will far outweigh the costs. Here are some factors to consider when calculating SEO pricing in Lahore. It would be best if you always aimed to attract potential customers based on their needs and interests.

The main aim of the SEO Agency in Lahore is to increase organic traffic to your website. To achieve this, the NavicoAds SEO expert team should focus on keywords that are likely to lead to the highest rankings on search engines. Once We have determined which keywords are relevant to your business, we will start writing content that incorporates those keywords naturally. Backend optimization will then follow, and the operations of the website will start to run up search engine rankings.

While the level of effort involved in SEO will vary from company to company, the cost of SEO packages will depend on the scope, competition, and complexity of the project. If you’re planning to hire an agency in Lahore, remember that every company has different needs and budgets. Some companies will offer basic local SEO services, while others will focus on more complex SEO strategies. A professional search engine optimization service will guide you through specific strategies.

While SEO pricing may seem intimidating, it’s actually very simple to figure out. Your budget will determine the scope of the task and the amount of time it will take. A customer who only needs link building will pay less than someone who needs a complete package of SEO services. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire a professional SEO Expert. If you need help with a complex website, you’ll want to contact Our SEO agency in Lahore.


  1. SEO: What is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the act of optimizing content online to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. Businesses find this important as it drives traffic to their site.

  1. What is SEO?

An SEO company can help improve website rankings by making sure that it is technically correct and has relevant content that search engines want to rank. They also make sure pages are optimized for keywords users search for, as well as getting backlinks to the site.

  1. What does an SEO company report look like?

SEO reports are based upon the goals and business model of the business.

A reliable search engine optimization company will send you a monthly report. The content of the report will vary depending on your business and the time that a campaign has been ongoing.

You can expect to receive a report showing your conversions if you run an e-commerce website. Your report will be more focused on traffic trends if your website is “new”.

SEO companies provide reports that will show you how your website ranks for keywords relevant to your business, keyword growth over time, changes in rank over time, and traffic patterns.

Here are some key reports you should look out for:

Year-over-year growth

Month-over-month growth

Ranking for top keywords will increase

High-quality links earned

Channel conversion rates

Top pages have a high click-through rate

  1. What is SEO Consulting?

A company may hire an SEO agency in Lahore to help them optimize their website. An SEO consultant is a person who guides clients through specific strategies and creates documents.

  1. How does an SEO company integrate SEO with social media?

SEO and social media go hand in hand. SEO and social media are closely linked. A blog that ranks in search engines will be shared on all social media sites. A web page that has more social shares and returns users will rank higher. These two should be integrated.

  1. These are some facts about search engine optimization going into 2022.

Ranking number one is a huge advantage. Google’s #1 result has a 31.7% average click-through rate (CTR) and is 10x more likely than a page in the #10 spot to receive a click.

72% of Google search engine users will choose organic listings over paid listings. (Moz)

The organic CTR for positions 7-10 is nearly the same. (Backlinko)

Search engine optimization costs in the US range from 2,500 to 5,000 per month, or per project.

Search engine optimization is more effective than PPC or social media marketing for lead generation in most cases.

53% of site traffic comes from organic search. (Search Engine Land)

Google holds 88.6% share of the search market. Bing holds 4.98%. (Statista)

93% of users don’t scroll past the first page in search engine results pages. (Moz)

78% prefer articles to ads when learning about a brand. (CoSchedule)

55% of marketers believe blog content creation is their number one inbound marketing priority. (CoSchedule)

In a study conducted by Search Engine Journal in 2017, SEO leads had a 14.6% close rate (Search Engine Journal)

Voice is expected to become a $40 billion channel in 2022. (Strategy Consultants)

76% of smart speaker users conduct local voice searches at a minimum once a week. (BrightLocal).

Only 22.1% of respondents reported that they read the featured snippet, and then considered their question answered before clicking the blue link. (Moz)

  1. What is International SEO?

Google and Bing provide search engines in almost every country and language in the world. International SEO is the practice of ranking websites in specific languages and country search engines.

  1. What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is different from traditional SEO because it aims to rank websites for specific regions.

Traditional SEO involves ranking a website so that everyone in the country (if not the entire world) can find it by searching for a particular keyword or phrase. Local SEO is intended to reach people within a defined area (such as Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Faisalabad, etc).

Local SEO in Lahore is often used for brick-and-mortar stores or businesses that target consumers in a specific area. Larger franchises can also be targeted in specific areas.

If you are an electrician in Chicago and have a website, it is unlikely that your site will be visible to electricians in Los Angeles. However, you would want your website to be easily found by people living in Chicago.

Local SEO optimization includes optimizing a business’s Google My Business page and getting local citation listings. Reviews can also be generated. A content marketing strategy that emphasizes location-specific keywords or trends is also important.

Remember that some top results in a search for local businesses are eligible to be included in the Local 3-Pack. This box contains highlighted business listings and appears at the top of search results.

Local SEO is essential for any business. You should be in the Local 3-Pack.

Our team of Local SEO specialists at NavicoAds knows how to make your website stand out in the Local 3-Pack.

  1. What is an SEO Company?

A Search Engine Optimization Company is an SEO company. The company offers services to businesses to improve their rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing. They will usually assist with Google in most cases. This company is focused on getting a business listed in search engines so that it gets more traffic and businesses from people who use the search engine. SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies. The most common SEO services are technical audits, link-building, content writing, and on-page optimization. They also include international SEO, local SEO, eCommerce SEO, and other relevant services.

  1. Why should I hire a search engine marketing company?

You can tackle SEO services on your own if you have lots of time and little to do. However, this is not likely to be the case. You’re probably like many entrepreneurs and managers who are overworked. You should outsource SEO to a trusted company. You can then focus on your business while the company handles your SEO.

  1. What should I ask an SEO firm?

When interviewing an SEO company, there are several questions that you should ask.

What length of time have you been in the business?

Who are your most prominent clients?

Could you please provide some references?

What type of reporting do your employees provide?

How can I tell if my money is being spent wisely?

What are the newest trends in SEO?

Are you able to offer a site audit for free?

Are you familiar with the businesses of my industry?

What strategies work best for my industry?

How can you keep up with all the changes in SEO?

What were the most recent Google updates and how did they affect you?

  1. What does SEO cost in Lahore Pakistan?

The amount you spend will depend on your business size, website traffic, and other factors. Based on the scope of work, SEO companies can charge anywhere from 30,00 to 90,000 per month. Clients typically pay $6,00 to $60,000 per month. Some of the larger companies require significant services or technical issues that require expertise. They may be large franchisees, multi-location businesses, or have multiple websites that require management. These businesses and large teams require customized services that provide significant value.

  1. What is the average time it takes for SEO services to show results?

SEO is not an option one-time deal. To see sustainable results is a long-term investment that will require constant attention and maintenance. A good time frame is 6 months. You will see remarkable results with SEO. The best results will be seen in the first 6-12 months. To see long-term results is a significant investment that will require ongoing attention and maintenance.

  1. What is it that makes your SEO company and its services unique?

NavicoAds was founded by Zahiz Munir, co-founders of the company. It is a digital marketing agency that offers full service, based in Lahore Pakistan.

Our singular focus is to offer the best customer service and the most comprehensive product in the market.

John and Krish have combined over 20 years of industry experience and set out to create an even better agency. They continue to strive to reach that goal every day.

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Named a top-ranking SEO company in Lahore, the top industry lists

Online, there are more than 50 5-star reviews

No long-term contracts Each month, we make our living.

We offer training in search engine optimization and web analysis in Pakistan (we’ll teach you)

More than 150 clients at Hearing Rehab Center and Home Land Consultant, are just a few examples.

We integrate SEO with social media, CRO and SEM, Content Marketing, And Public relations.

It was Featured on HackerNoon, BoostupBlogging. And many more.

We are SEO experts in worldwide Translation and international SEO capabilities

We are not just an SEO company. Advertising revenue of more than 60 million dollars per year

Why choose NavicoAds over any other SEO Agency in Lahore?

It is now more complex than ever to plan, implement, and refine an SEO strategy that produces results. No longer are blogging and occasional ad campaigns enough to get you on the first page of Google search results.

SEO is a complex strategy that consists of many moving parts. These components must all work together to create a cohesive brand experience. Brands must optimize for features such as voice search and featured shortcodes and ensure that technical aspects are properly set up.

Furthermore, search performance is becoming more dependent on factors such as authority and credibility. This means that you will need to incorporate reputation management into your SEO strategy.

NavicoAds listens carefully to your business goals and gets to know you and your market. Then, they use those insights to create a customized strategy that will get you to where you want to go.


We are different from other SEO companies in Lahore. Here are some more details:

Clients get more attention due to our low ratio of employees-to-clients

SEO professionals believe that understanding our clients’ objectives, challenges, and target audience is key to a successful strategy. We keep our client-employee ratio low, so we can spend more time on each account, and it allows us to create an SEO strategy that is consistent with your brand values as well as the audience’s intent.

A dedicated specialist is assigned to each client. This specialist continuously monitors industry trends and keyword performance and can identify opportunities quickly and take action when they arise.

NavicoAds SEO services in Pakistan offer weekly or bi-weekly phone calls

We will not bill you for services and then stop working with you. Our client relationships are important to us as they help us stay on track and work towards the right goals.

We will give you a report and keep up-date what’s happening on a weekly and biweekly basis. Our processes are explained in plain English, not jargon or buzzwords. Regular check-ins keep clients informed. We will share areas for improvement, and we’ll work together to ensure that the Strategy moves in the right direction.

We employ comprehensive strategies and have case studies to support them.

Our SEO Expert Agency in Lahore will give you access to an expert team with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and how SEO services are integrated with social media, content, public relations, and conversion rate optimization. NavicoAds Visibility spends $60M annually on the paid side. This makes us uniquely positioned for driving results across multiple channels.

We’d be happy to share case studies that prove that we are real if you would like to see the numbers.

Transparent and customized reporting

How they measure campaign performance is one of the most important factors when choosing an SEO company in Lahore. NavicoAds Visibility creates custom reports that are based on the KPIs most important to you, unlike some SEO companies that use the same reports for every account.

We are transparent in all aspects of our reporting and provide regular updates on keyword performance, user behavior patterns, rankings, website performance, and other metrics. We will keep you updated so that you are always aware of where your website is and what we’re doing to improve it.

SEO Services that are Award-Winning with a Track Record of Success

NavicoAds Visibility was recently named Search Engine Land Search Marketing Specialist of the Year.

NavicoAds Visibility boasts 90 experts and more than 150 clients, including HearingRehabCentre, RchiPak, HafizPestControl, PQ Chemical, and many other Brands.


Local SEO

International SEO

Digital PR & Link Building

SEO Consulting

eCommerce SEO


Conclusion of NavicoAds offers a complete SEO service that will help you increase your website’s rankings. This includes optimizing your on-page performance and backend issues as well as developing an SEO-friendly content strategy to reach your target audience.

We will start by correcting technical issues so crawlers can navigate your website easily, so more people can locate you. We’ll then use a variety of tools to help identify the most relevant keywords for your niche and assist you in implementing them in a way that drives sales.

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