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Facebook currently has over 80 million monthly active users that’s why facebook advertising cost in Pakistan has become very effective marketing tool to grow sales. Any organization can use facebook ads to grow sales quickly and more efficiently by hiring any reputed facebook advertising agency in Lahore. Facebook Ads allow you to test and track your return on investment (ROI) in very economical way. This is a great tool for even if you have a limited advertising budget. So, reaching a cheap facebook advertising cost in Pakistan is not an easy task to get maximum engagements or leads in a low budget campaign. NavicoAds’ Facebook marketing service allows you to test your direct interactions with end users of your products or services. Facebook has an application called Foursquare. You can use Facebook Foursquare to attract people to your fan page or business page.

facebook advertising cost in Pakistan-social media agency

If you want to advertise your business with our social media agency in Lahore, we have discovered strategies to target marketplace that will allow you to connect with customers in your targeted area. As an experienced facebook advertising agency, we discover new demographics and behavior-based audience to communicate directly with your customer market. Our facebook ad campaign strategies are here to help you get affordable facebook ad price in Pakistan for a long lasting business relationship between our social media management company and your brand or services.

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Get Higher Sales through Facebook Digital Marketing

Our facebook advertising agency is considered to be the premium social media management company in Pakistan with an experienced and talented team of social media marketing professionals who are always ready to assist you for facebook digital marketing. NavicoAds has been helping business owners all over the world to grow their businesses with facebook marketing service since 2008. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet today, used by millions of people to share information and communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. The number of Facebook users continues to increase every day as more people learn of the different networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, with the help of advertising on facebook, your brand or service will be able to reach a wide range of potential customers from all around the world. Facebook digital marketing by NavicoAds will give you the cheapest facebook ads pricing in Pakistan.

Our facebook paid campaign strategies are designed to give best facebook ads cost in Pakistan with targeted sales. If you are looking for searching affordable but creative facebook ads agency in Lahore; you are on the right social media agency website. Just click the whatsapp button or start a chat with our online customer support manager.

We offer Most Economical Facebook Advertising Rates in Pakistan

As a superior social media agency, we highly recommend to advertise on Facebook as the face book ads are highly target oriented, which increases your chances of capturing new customers. Ad managing experts at our facebook ad agency uses a sophisticated algorithm to place ads on your facebook page. These ads have the capability to trigger content from your website, blogs, and other websites based on the keywords they contain. This will help you advertise your products and services with cheaper facebook boost post price Pakistan and across the globe. Our Facebook advertising agency offers facebook page like, facebook engagement, facebook vide views, facebook lead generation paid campaigns, brand awareness advertising campaigns that will allow you to achieve affordable facebook advertising cost in Pakistan

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Through our advertising agency facebook page, you can also track the number of times your ad was displayed as well as the click-through rate. We control the frequency of your facebook ad as per the requirement of facebook ad campaign. NavicoAds tries to ensure with our dedicated facebook marketing service that our client’s Facebook business page reach out to a bigger audience for a more cost effective marketing campaign with desired results. This makes us best facebook advertising agency for small business, services and larger brands.

Our facebook ads often get very cheap engagement cost upto 0.10 paisa. NavicoAds can explore new customer line through facebook digital marketing with best facebook advertising rates in Pakistan. So, if your facebook ads are losing their momentum, we can bring them into life again with the help of our facebook marketing services packages.

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Starter Plan

Seo Planning

Rs.15k /spend avg. 32h per month

  • Business Analysis with 1 Keyword
  • 1 Accounts Creation/or boosting existing ones
  • 8 Posts in a Month Creative Post Designs
  • 2 Cover Photos
  • 1 Text Based Intro Video
  • 1 video titling
  • 400 Page Like with 1 Paid Campaign
  • Page Setting, Content Uplifting
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Instagram Connectivity
  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Universal Plan

Seo Planning

Rs.25k /spend avg. 100h per month

  • Business Analysis with 3 Keyword
  • 3 Accounts Creation/or boosting existing ones
  • 12 Posts in a Month Creative Post Designs
  • 3 Cover Photos + 1 Cover Video
  • 2 Text Based Animated Video
  • 1 Animation Gif
  • 2 video titling
  • 800 Page Like with 2 Paid Campaign
  • Page Setting, Content Uplifting
  • WhatsApp Integration & Services
  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business Location

Advanced Plan

$100.99 /Year

Advanced Plan

$100.99 /Year

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Avail Economical Facebook Ad Management Packages

With our facebook ad price in pakistan, your company will be able to increase its customer base and page reach. This will give you the opportunity to expand your market base and meet your targeted sales goals. Our social media management company uses Facebook’s features such as Facebook Polls, In-application sponsored stories, and the “Like” function to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. Facebook has become a vital part of the modern online marketing scene offering affordable face book advertising rates in Pakistan.

Our social media post design price in pakistan chooses the trending hash tags while creating content for organic posts and best call to actions for the development of paid facebook ads. This process is known as ad customization. We as facebook marketing company also place facebook and instagram ads with creative advertising ideas that truly represent your Brand. Our social media managers are there to make it sure that your Facebook ads are shown to people who are relevant to your niche to get best facebook ads cost in Pakistan


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Although, there is no fixed figure for Facebook advertising costs in Pakistan. It varies for different niches and sectors of the business. However, the average Facebook advertising campaign cost in Pakistan revolves around $0. 080- 1 for leads, $0. 031- 0.070 per page like, $0.022 per WhatsApp lead, $0.0044 per engagement, and so on. The engagement campaign is the cheapest one on Facebook. We’ve to conduct test campaigns for different types of businesses to get exact Facebook advertising costs in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and the whole of Pakistan. Please call our Facebook advertising expert at 0308-4014140 to know more about Facebook Ads.

NavicoAds offers very easy Facebook ads payment methods:

  1. Online Bank Transfers
  2. Our free payment pick up services
  3. Jazz Cash

Yes. You just need to send us an invitation of Admin rights of your existing page to setup it professionally. We can create new facebook business page as well. You can hire the best Facebook Ads Specialists in Pakistan with best Facebook ads pricing in Pakistan.

NavicoAds offer cheap facebook page likes with relevant audience to grab attention for your products. We highly recommend running facebook ad campaigns as per policies defined by facebook to avoid blocking of your facebook business page. Our social media agency gives you best ROI.

Targeting Through Facebook Digital Marketing Made Easy.

It was quite difficult for brands or services to target a definite locality in the past. In the digital marketing era, we are offering location and area based facebook advertising as professional Facebook ads agency with cent percent target achievement. Our facebook advertising experts know your audience with their behavior, gender, age group and other demographics. Our facebook business manager account has the access to the advanced features of facebook ad manager. That is why our facebook ads agency offers best facebook advertising rates in pakistan.

No Worries – Your Facebook Ad Campaign is being monitored

When the ad campaign is gone live, we monitor all our facebook ad campaigns on hourly basis to get best advertising results in form of potential reach and engagement costs. 

social media marketing charges in pakistan-average cost per click

For this; we offer a nominal facebook advertising agency pricing.This follow up strategy makes us standout from other social media agencies in Pakistan by achieving best social media marketing charges in pakistan. We are one of the best social media agencies in Lahore offer facebook marketing in Lahore, facebook marketing in Sialkot, facebook marketing in Faisalabad and facebook marketing in Pakistan.  We have a strong repute as facebook ads agency for ecommerce as well.

We Use Facebook Pixel as a secret sales agent to track your Website Visitors.

To make your facebook marketing campaigns more effective; we use facebook pixel to monitor and record website traffic for your business. As a professional social media agency, we are highly concerned with the overall digital marketing strategy of our client company; so we don’t even miss a single visitor coming through facebook digital marketing. You can find details in our Facebook page management packages or drop an inquiry for a free digital marketing audit of your brand or service by our digital marketing experts. Believe it; they will do wonders for you!

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