Services for Ecommerce Website Development

ecommerce store services in Lahore

Services for Ecommerce Website Development.

To scale your eCommerce store, partner with an experienced eCommerce website design company.

We offer a range of eCommerce website design and development services

Developing Custom eCommerce Platforms

Our web development team has professional experience in developing custom eCommerce websites. They create engaging eCommerce platforms that drive online sales. We specialize in customizing eCommerce web solutions that meet your requirements.

Ecommerce Design Solutions

NavicoAds eCommerce developers are the best choice if you’re looking for a custom eCommerce website but are concerned about high eCommerce website development costs. We offer top-quality eCommerce web development services.

Ecommerce Custom Design

Brand association is a way to make consumers more aware of your brand. Custom designs are a great way to reflect your business values and brand. To enhance your brand, we create captivating custom eCommerce web designs.

Shopify Development

Shopify is suitable for start-up B2C (Business To Customers) Ecommerce web design. NavicoAds offers Shopify development services that are easy to use and minimize development time.


WooCommerce Development

We know the power of WooCommerce and have dedicated teams. You can also hire Woocommerce developers for increased online sales.

Magento Development

Our developers combine creativity and technology to create b2b and B2c Magento eCommerce solutions that increase your business’s profitability and lower costs.

Your eCommerce business can reach new heights

Why hire an eCommerce website?

 NavicoAds Developers?

  1. Extensive experience in software development for the eCommerce industry
  2. A deep understanding of eCommerce development technologies
  3. Privacy protection for data
  4. Each client deserves a personal approach
  5. Flexible engagement models
  6. Comprehensive reporting and simplified communications
  7. custom software, Shopify Magento, wooCommerce, and Joomla

Trust your technology development

 NavicoAds is a must



Project-Based Model

Do you want to be a business leader? We can help you with your tech development. We will establish expected deliverables and timelines with a fixed budget.

Dedicated Remote Team

This remote model is perfect for you if you are looking for offshore development staff. You can hire a remote team to have complete control of your resources.

How do you choose a web developer for your eCommerce website development?

In today’s globalized world, eCommerce is a growing trend and is considered a key driver of economic growth. The history of eCommerce can be correlated with the history of the internet. Why? Simply put, eCommerce was possible because of the advent of the internet.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, opened the door to online shopping in 1994. This was the beginning of modern eCommerce. Amazon began as an online marketplace for our daily life, if I recall correctly, but it now sells everything, from electronics to videogames, you name it.

Surprisingly Amazon earned more than 252 million USD the first year after its arrival. Since then, hundreds of other similar businesses, such as eBay (a vintage collector), have followed. Pioneer of eCommerce development. eBay has 180 million active buyers.

This anecdote was created to educate you about the economic importance of eCommerce in today’s age. I hope it didn’t disappoint. The best things about eCommerce are convenience, accessibility, security and seamless customer experiences. Important pillars of the novel web-based eCommerce Solutions.

Intuitive eCommerce website design can help your online business deliver better customer experiences and can generate more leads. Let’s start with the basics.

What’s eCommerce Website Development?

eCommerce, or electronic commerce, is the selling and buying of products via the internet. The development of professional eCommerce websites, also known as eCommerce development in Lahore, is developing them. It wasn’t that difficult, was it?

Traditional retail was dominant in the market before the advent of eCommerce. Many retailers are now reinventing brick-and-mortar stores to be more digitally compatible. They are also moving their core business operations online in addition to establishing an online brand. The best of both worlds. Are you a fan?

eCommerce Rises Despite Pandemic

That being said, custom eCommerce development Commercial activities are changing rapidly. Globally, the Pandemic has affected people in profound ways. The Pandemic is causing rapid changes in customer purchasing behavior. As we entered this period of isolation and social distancing, the number of physical shoppers decreased. The second quarter of 2021 saw a 97.0% increase in eCommerce sales at Walmart. This was despite the ongoing Pandemic that continues to drive shoppers to shop online.

This is why eCommerce has grown in popularity. It was the only way that consumers could make regular purchases with complete security. Businesses are choosing custom software to replace off-the-shelf products. This allows them to meet their specific business needs without worrying about other functionalities such as customer reliability and security.

Tools to Build an eCommerce Website

Should I use an eCommerce website builder for my Store? Simple answer: To save time and money. To sell online, you need an easy-to-use and manageable eCommerce site. The process of creating an eCommerce website takes time and skill. It is not possible to just do it quickly, especially if your coding skills are lacking.

eCommerce outsourcing is the best option to fulfill your custom development requirements. Some of their services include: best eCommerce developers to design your website you can quickly start selling with the help of all the tools and templates you have created from scratch. You don’t want to make a mistake when developing your eCommerce website.

Let’s take a look at these eCommerce website builders in Pakistan that have been proven reliable to help you avoid making mistakes later.

Shopify is a Fully Integrated Store

Many businesses prefer Shopify over other tools. Shopify has been voted the best platform for eCommerce website development.

Tobi Snowdevil, a snowboard-selling company, founded Shopify 10 years ago. Like the founders at Wix, he understood the difficulties of selling stuff online. Shopify app development gives business owners the ability to create flexible websites that convert and then sell. Shopify is used worldwide by more than 1,000,000 companies in 175 countries. This platform offers great tools for beginners and allows them to create websites.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Integration of social media.
  • More than 100 extensions and add-ons for every industry.
  • 24/7 (exceptional) customer support.
  • All plans include a free SSL certificate
  • Drag-and-drop page creator.
  • The large community forum and strong knowledge base
  • Mobile-optimized themes


WooCommerce: Easily Manage Your Products

An estimated 2.3 million eCommerce shops are worldwide. WooCommerce website design is preferred by most due to its open-source nature and majority rules. WooCommerce, an eCommerce plugin for WordPress, is another popular platform for website development.

According to studies: WooCommerce is used to create 30% of eCommerce websites. WooCommerce is not only an open-source platform but also has powerful and flexible features. It was launched in 2011 and has been around since then. It was launched in 2011 and quickly gained popularity due to its simplicity of installation and customization. It allows WooCommerce experts to quickly build and optimize eCommerce sites for clients at reasonable rates. It is also easier to find a WooCommerce company.


  • Get powerful blogging tools.
  • Rest API allows you to manage everything
  • More than 400 extensions are available to improve store functionality.
  • Stand out from the crowd with customization
  • WooCommerce development allows you to manage and control your store data.
  • Support from large international WooCommerce experts.
  • Because of their rapid development, WooCommerce developers are a strong choice
  • Create attractive storefronts using a few exciting themes.
  • Great SEO tools are available to help you rise above the search results.
  • . Scalable platform for eCommerce website development

Magento – Create Engaging & Shoppable Experiences

Canon, CocaCola and Ford are just a few of the largest companies worldwide. They are relying on Magento for eCommerce website development. Magento is regarded as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in Pakistan and has been in business since 2007.

For its business intelligence, many businesses prefer Magento development to WooCommerce. Magento, unlike WooCommerce development in Lahore, is self-hosted and has advanced security features. Adobe acquired it in 2018 and offered two versions: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce.

Magento eCommerce development can be powerful, but it takes a longer time to develop and requires a comparatively higher budget.

  • There are many extensions available.
  • Supports unlimited products
  • Marketing, promotion, and conversion tools.
  • Software for inventory, catalogue, order and inventory management.
  • Create a mobile-friendly storefront with pre-integrated mobile HTML5.
  • It can accommodate a variety of industries
  • Magento is the best choice for enterprise solutions.
  • It is user-friendly and allows for endless customizations at the front end.
  • Provides themes that are suitable for Magento developers.


BigCommerce – eCommerce for a New Era

BigCommerce has been helping businesses to succeed since 2009. BigCommerce is a customer-focused platform that provides an intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use interface for BigeCommerce management. BigCommerce uses advanced SEO techniques such as URLs and auto-optimized titles. Nearly every eCommerce platform provides SEO optimization tools and services in Lahore. Its modern themes are both mobile-friendly and easily accessible, and they can be used for free or paid.

  • A large selection of customizable themes.
  • Support from BigCommerce experts.
  • Analytics and marketing tools built-in
  • Set up a series of emails to save an abandoned cart
  • Pre-integrated payment options.
  • To drive more traffic, channel integrations can be made with Amazon, eBay and Google.

Wix – Create your Website

Wix was started by Avishai Abrahami and Nadav Abrahami in 2006. Yes, literally. A trio of developers was building a website to support a start-up when they realized how difficult it was to create a website. They decided to create a platform like Wix that would make it easier for everyone. Wix was initially a website builder. Wix evolved over time to include more features. It allows users to create professional websites for any industry, including eCommerce.


  • You can create beautiful websites with Drag & Drop and customization.
  • Get a free domain name for the first year and unlimited product listings.
  • Practical back-end user interface that is easy to use.
  • Website speed is not compromised with high security.
  • For your convenience, there are built-in features
  • You can find hundreds of updated templates.
  • Different appearances for desktop and mobile.
  • Test drive with no obligation.
  • An easy-to-use website building platform

Different eCommerce Business Models

Are you Looking for opening your own eCommerce company in Lahore and Pakistan? You should be familiar with all the different eCommerce models to understand how they work and what your market potential is. Let’s get to it:

Business-to-Business (B2B),

This model, which is also known as business-to-business (B2B) transactions, or exchanges, refers to both buyers and sellers. End-users can be business entities like producers, wholesalers, or retailers. It is estimated that U.S. B2B eCommerce transactions will reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, accounting for 17% of all U.S. B2B sales.

  • Sales cycles that are longer.
  • Higher-order volume and value.
  • For recurring purchases, long-term partnerships.

General Electric is a popular example of B2B eCommerce. It was the 13th largest U.S. company on the Fortune 500 in 2017.

Business to Customer (B2C).

B2C eCommerce Model is something that everyone knows. B2C eCommerce Model is all about businesses selling products directly to buyers or consumers. You may have been browsing Amazon looking for The Witcher 3 to play with your friends the other day. Amazon is the business, and you are the consumer. This is a great example of B2C.

From Consumer to Business (C2B).

It’s very simple for consumers to sell products or provide services to businesses. One of the most popular examples is Upwork’s provision of services. Let’s say that I am a game designer, and I have created the worst and most vile version of The Witcher 3. Now I want to sell it to Capcom by listing it on an eCommerce platform. Surprisingly, they bought it for a few dollars. This is how C2B works.

InvoZone is an eCommerce development company that, among other things, has extensive experience in eCommerce website development. Cost-effective eCommerce solutions different models will be used. We will:

  • High-quality assurance without compromise
  • Before you start developing an eCommerce website, ensure that it is feasible.
  • We can help you integrate into the system that suits your needs.
  • You can continue reading to see more.
  • All technicalities and coding of your projects will be taken care of.
  • For maintenance and support, monitor your eCommerce platform.


Consumer to Customer (C2C).

These online marketplaces are also known as Craigslist and eBay. In the early days of C2C eCommerce, Craigslist and eBay were the first to offer this model. What does this look like? For a small fee, consumers trade, buy and sell (used) goods to other consumers. This eCommerce model doesn’t involve any intermediary.

Factors that Influence Your Outsourcing Decisions

Quality vs Price

Quality or cost; which is more important? Quality is more important than cost. The best solution is to find high-quality products at competitive prices. While you don’t want to have to pay more for poor quality, it is fair that you should pay more for good quality.

Before you finalize your eCommerce website design company, you should find out the ‘Value For Money. To do that, you will need to contact several software companies to request quotes and choose the one that provides exactly what you require. While cost-cutting is a major reason company outsource, it’s important to not sacrifice quality in the rush of outsourcing. Pricing is another important thing.

Technical Expertise

Is the agency specialized in eCommerce? It should. An eCommerce website design company must be proficient in eCommerce development platforms. For seamless customer experiences, WooCommerce development and Magento development are highly recommended. Shopify developers are a great asset. Look through the relevant case studies and portfolio of Shopify.

Learn about their technology stacks and overall experience. Find out about their technology stack and cross-platform development capabilities. And most importantly, how qualified they are to manage your outsourcing needs. Companies that don’t specialize in the services you need will create obstacles and hiccups. This is why web developers and teams should be hired after careful consideration.

How to Choose the Right Custom eCommerce Web Development Company in Lahore?

Although outsourcing eCommerce website development in Lahore can seem complicated, it’s a great way to gain a competitive advantage. Experienced eCommerce website developers and designers are familiar with all aspects of the business and can offer the best solution to beat the competition.

The next step is to find the right company to help you achieve your goals. You should keep this in mind when doing eCommerce website development.

Cost to Hire a Web Developer For eCommerce Website Development in Pakistan.

This is the most important question. How much does it cost for an eCommerce website to be built? Although the cost of building an eCommerce website can vary, estimates range from $5000 up to $100,000. It all depends upon the requirements and size of the company. The overall cost of website development is not only related to website design but also other factors. A basic custom eCommerce website with advanced features will run around $10,000-16,000. These variables are included in the price:

  • Functionality
  • Themes
  • Add-ons
  • Plug-ins
  • Extensions
  • Integrations
  • Responsiveness
  • Interactivity
  • Payment processing
  • Configuration/Setup
  • Licensing
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • UI/ UX design
  • Custom Development
  • No. No.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Vendor fees: Outsourced, freelance, or in-house
  •  * Other items, such as SEO and content creation/management, may be added to the total cost.

To beat your competitors, investing in eCommerce infrastructure is crucial. Here are some of the ways InvoZone could help you with your next eCommerce project:

  • Custom eCommerce website development can reduce cart abandonment rates and keep customers engaged, thereby resulting in more sales.
  • Integration of Content Management System to your website
  • Integrations and plugins from third parties
  • Our eCommerce experts will provide a comprehensive consultation to help you devise a strategy.
  • Woo Commerce, Joomla Magento, Shopify, and Magento development are available.
  • Your brand image will be enhanced by visually and aesthetically pleasing designs.


Call us at 03008488463 if you have any queries related to Ecommerce Services in Lahore.



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